李建德 教授

李建德/Jiann-Der Lee  
Department of Electrical Engineering 
Chang Gung University, Taiwan 
研究領域/專長:醫電領域/醫學影像處理,圖訊識別,電腦視覺, VLSI設計



Jiann-Der Lee (M’98-SM’11) received Ph.D. degrees from the department of Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, in 1992. He is currently a full professor with the department of Electrical Engineering, Chang Gung University, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan. He served as the chairman of the department of Electrical Engineering in CGU from 2002 to 2010, and has been invited to serve as a chairman of Board of Accreditation, Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET) since 2006, and member of Evaluation Committee for College of Science and Technology, supported by Ministry of Education of Taiwan since 2001. He was also the director of innovation incubator center of Chang Gung University in 2001-2003. His current research interests include image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, consumer electronics and VLSI CAD design.

Dr. Lee is an IET Fellow, a senior member of IEEE, and is listed in the Who’s Who in the World, Who's Who in Finance and Industry. He received a number of investigator awards (e.g. from National Science Council, Taiwan, and Acer Foundations, Taiwan), the Excellent Teaching Award, 2002, and the Excellent Research Award, 2003, from the Chang Gung University, Paper Awards from IPPR, Computer Vision and Graphic Image Processing in 2010. As yet, He has published over 100 journal papers and given more than 70 technical presentations at meetings of professional societies.



  1. 長庚大學電機系主任暨電機所所長 (2002-2010)
  2. 長庚大學創新育成中心主任 (2000~2002)
  3. 教育部科技大學評鑑委員 (2012~迄今)
  4. 教育部技術學院評鑑委員 (1999~迄今)
  5. 考選部典試委員 (2003)
  6. 經濟部小型企業創新研發(SBIR)計畫審查委員 (2005~迄今)
  7. 中華工程教育學會(IEET)認證團主席 (2007~迄今)


  1. 當選工程與技術學會會士 (IET Fellow) (2013)
  2. 榮升IEEE Senior Member (2011)
  3. 榮獲中華民國影像處理與圖形識別學會CVGIP論文獎第三名(2010)
  4. 榮獲中華民國模糊學會碩士論文獎第三名(2009)
  5. 榮獲第四屆奇美獎優秀碩士論文指導教授獎(2009)
  6. 榮獲TI亞洲區DSP暨嵌入式系統應用競賽佳作獎(2008)
  7. 榮獲全國生物醫學工程創意設計競賽佳作獎(2006)
  8. 榮獲長庚大學優良教師研究獎(2003)
  9. 榮獲長庚大學優良教師教學獎(2002)
  10. 榮獲第十四屆龍騰論文金質獎(2000)
  11. 榮獲中華民國第十一屆發明及創新展發明類佳作獎(2000)
  12. 榮登馬奎斯世界名人錄(Who’s Who in the World) (1998)


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