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Verify the OA verification process

1. The inspection OA verification operation notice of the purchase requisition inspection operation, the current situation is that the custodial team assists in transmitting the inspection OA verification operation notice, in order to consider the timeliness of the purchase requisition acceptance and the correctness of the inspection details, from now on, the return system will be returned to the system to provide that each requisition unit shall enter the inspection notice by itself.

2. The operation process of inspection OA verification is as follows:

1. Log in to the MIS system and enter the account password.

2. Click on the material management→ material warehousing management operation→ inspection OA verification operation→ inspection personnel and inspection knot

Enter a single stroke.

3. After the inspection data is entered, the MIS system will automatically transmit the inspection details to the NOTES system for handling

Approve the operation and ask the unit supervisor to go online for review.

3. If the operation is not completed within the deadline, the NOTES system will issue another reminder notice (payment progress reminder, reminder pass


IV. Attach the operation process of relevant reports for reference:

The operation flow chart of inspection OA verification (Annex 1), the operation process of inquiry of the receipt number of the purchase requisition case (Annex 2), and the operation process of printing inspection notice and material inspection table of MIS system (Annex 3).

5. Please be aware of the above instructions and cooperate with all colleagues in the school.

Assigned: Zheng Mingkun, Custody Team of the General Affairs Office 

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