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Hsiao-Lung Chan





LAB: Biomedical Electronics and Signals Lab ( Phone 5716 )

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Research fields:

Biomedical informatics, medical electronics, digital signal processing, embeded system

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Publication List

A. 期刊論文 (* denoting corresponding author)

1. H.L. Chan*, J.H. Chu, H.C. Fung, Y.T. Tsai, L.F. Meng, C.C. Huang, W.C. Hsu, P.K. Chao, J.J. Wang, J.D. Lee, Y.Y. Wai, M.T. Tsai, “Brain connectivity of patients with Alzheimer’s disease by coherence and cross mutual information of electroencephalograms during photic stimulation,” Medical Engineering & Physics doi:10.1016/j.medengphy.2011.10.005 (SCI/EI) (impact factor 1.906).

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3. P.K. Chao, C.L. Wang, H.L. Chan*, “Phase space analysis on myocardial coordination related to left ventricular ejection fraction by speckle-tracking radial strain,” Medical Engineering & Physics 10.1016/j.medengphy.2011.07.003 (SCI/EI) (impact factor 1.906) (* corresponding author).

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B. 研討會論文

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