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Wen-Piao Lin


LAB:Optical-fiber communication lab

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Optical-fiber communication, wireless communication

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Publication List

A. Journal papers

1.Kuo, Han Lung, and Wen Piao Lin. "Double-Brillouin-frequency spaced multiwavelength generation in one loop structure." Optics letters 39.15 (2014): 4565-4567.

2.Jang, Ya Ru, Wen Piao Lin, and Han Lung Kuo. "Twostage tunable passive fiber modelocked laser." Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 56.6 (2014): 1468-1470.

3.Lin, Wen Piao, Dong-Hua Yang, and Zong-De Lin. "Compact Dual-Band Planar Inverted-e-Shaped Antenna Using Defected Ground Structure." International Journal of Antennas and Propagation 2014 (2014).

 4.Lin, Wen-Piao, et al. "Design of Optical Nor Logic Gates Using Two Dimension Photonic Crystals." American Journal of Modern Physics 2.3 (2013): 144-147.

5.Lin, WenPiao, and HanLung Kuo. "A Tunable Fiber Ring Laser Based on a Hybrid Amplifier." Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 55.12 (2013): 2892-2896.

6.Kuo, Hang Lung, and Wen Piao Lin. "Millimeter Wave Generation Using Spontaneous Four Wave Mixing." JSAP-OSA Joint Symposia. Optical Society of America, 2013.

7.Wen-Piao Lin and Yu-Fang Hsu, “Multiple Carrier Ultra-Wideband Systems Using an Optical Pulse Modulation Scheme,” Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, vol. 52, no. 12, pp. 2735-2738, Dec. 2010. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 1.315; EE: 87/229)

8.Wen-Piao Lin and Chao-Haiang Huang, “Coplanar waveguide-fed rectangular antenna with an inverted-L stub for ultra-wideband communications,” IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, vol. 8, pp. 228-231, May 2009. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 1.312; EE: 88/229)

9.Wen-Piao Lin and Chia-Hung Ku,“Tag identification enhancement by using a distributed antenna structure for radio frequency identification systems,” IET Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation, vol. 3, no. 8, pp. 1199-1205, Dec. 2009. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 0.714; EE: 145/229)

10.Wen-Piao Lin and Ruei Chi Li,”Generation of ultrawideband pulses using a distributed fiber-link system,” Optical Fiber Technology, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 214-221, July 2008. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 0.845; EE: 103/227)

11.Wen-Piao Lin andYuan-Ching Chen, “Design of a new optical impulse radio system for ultra-wideband wireless communications,” IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 882-887, Jul./Aug. 2006. (SCI/EI; Full Paper; Impact Factor: 2.384; EE: 11/227)

12.Wen-Piao Lin and Guang-Wei Lai, “A new optoelectronic mixing phototransistor for ultrawide-band fiber-radio systems,” Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 45, no. 8A, pp. 6162-6165, Aug. 2006. (SCI/EI; Full Paper; Impact Factor: 1.247; AP:50/94)

13.Wen-Piao Lin and Yuan-Ching Chen, “optically based direct sequence binary phase shift keying modulation scheme for indoor UWB wireless systems,” Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 45, no. 4A, pp. 2598-2602, Apr. 2006. (SCI/EI; Regular Paper; Impact Factor: 1.247; AP:50/94)

14. Wei-Ren Peng, Wen-Piao Lin, and Sien Chi, “Improved fiber Bragg grating array OFFH-CDMA system using a novel frequency-overlapping multi-group method,” IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 24, no. 3, pp. 1072-1081, Mar. 2006. (SCI/EI; Full Paper, Impact Factor: 2.196; EE:19/227)

15.Wen-Piao Lin and Jun-Yu Chen, “Implementation of a new ultrawide-band impulse system,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 17, no. 11, pp. 2418-2420, Nov. 2005. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 2.015; EE:26/227)

16.Wen-Piao Lin, “A robust fiber-radio architecture for bidirectional WDM ring access network,” IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 23, no. 9, pp. 2610-2620, Sept. 2005. (SCI/EI; Full Paper; Impact Factor: 2.196; EE:19/227)

17.Wen-Piao Lin and He-Long Wu, “Fiber Bragg gratings-based OCDMA-PON using dual-baseband modulation scheme,” Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 44, no. 8, pp. 6062-6067, Aug. 2005. (SCI/EI; Regular Paper; Impact Factor: 1.247; AP:50/94)

18.Wen-Piao Lin, Wei-Ren Peng and Sien Chi “Dynamic wavelength allocation in WDM radio-over-fiber access network,” Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 44, no. 3, pp. 1282-1286, March 2005. (SCI/EI; Regular Paper; Impact Factor: 1.247; AP:50/94)

19. Peng-Chun Peng, Wei-Ren Peng, Wen-Piao Lin and Sien Chi, “Dynamic encoder/ decoder based on fiber Bragg gratings for optical security system,” Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 43, no. 12, pp. 8101-8102, Dec. 2004. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 1.247; AP:50/94)

20. Peng-Chun Peng, Wei-Ren Peng, Jia-He Lin, Wen-Piao Lin and Sien Chi, “Generation of wavelength-tunable optical pulses using EDFA as external-injection light source and amplifier for Fabry-Perot laser diode,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 16, no. 11, pp. 2553-2555, Nov. 2004. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 2.015; EE:26/227)

21. Wei-Ren Peng, Peng-Chun Peng, Wen-Piao Lin, Kuei-Chu Hsu, Yinchieh Lai, and Sien Chi, “A cost-effective optical fast frequency-hopped code-division multiple access light source using self-seeded Fabry-Perot laser with embedded fiber Bragg grating array,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 16, no. 11, pp. 2550-2552, Nov. 2004. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 2.015; EE:26/227)

22. Wen-Piao Lin, “Novel bi-directional wavelength add-drop multiplexer in the wavelength division multiplexing radio-over-fiber ring network,” Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 43, no. 10, pp. 7087-7090, Oct. 2004. (SCI/EI; Regular Paper; Impact Factor: 1.247; AP:50/94)

23. Peng-Chun Peng, Wen-Piao Lin and Sien Chi, “Star-bus-ring architecture for fiber Bragg grating sensors,” Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 43, no. 10, pp. 7072-7076, Oct. 2004. (SCI/EI; Regular Paper; Impact Factor: 1.247; AP:50/94)

24.  Yu-Feng Hsu and Wen-Piao Lin, “Fiber-wireless wavelength-division multiplexing networks with a reliable optical backbone,” OSA Journal of Optical Networking, vol. 2, no. 8, pp. 266-276, Aug. 2003. (EI)

25. Wen-Piao Lin, Ming-Seng Kao and Sien Chi, “A DWDM/SCM self-healing architecture for broadband subscriber networks,” IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 319-328, Feb. 2003. (SCI/EI; Full Paper; Impact Factor: 2.196; EE:19/227)

26. Wen-Piao Lin, Ming-Seng Kao and Sien Chi, “A reliable architecture for broadband fiber-wireless access networks,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 344-346, Feb. 2003. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 2.015; EE:26/227)

27.  Wen-Piao Lin, Yu-Feng Hsu, and Sien Chi, “A two-level self-healing ring architecture for broadband fiber-wireless access networks,” Journal of Optical Memory and Neural Networks, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 173-179, Dec. 2002. (EI)

28.  Wen-Piao Lin, Sien Chi and Ming-Seng Kao, “Broadband fiber-wireless access networks based on a BPR architecture,” Proceedings of SPIE on Optical and Wireless Communications, vol. 4908, pp. 134-142, Oct. 2002. (EI)

29.Wen-Piao Lin, Ming-Seng Kao and Sien Chi, “A novel architecture for dense wavelength division multiplexing/subcarrier multiplexing networks,” Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, vol. 32, no. 1, pp. 51-56, Jan. 2002. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 0.447)

30.Wen-Piao Lin, Ming-Seng Kao and Sien Chi, “The modified star-ring architecture for high capacity subcarrier multiplexed passive optical networks,” IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 32-40, Jan. 2001. (SCI/EI; Full Paper; Impact Factor: 1.791)

31. Wen-Piao Lin, Ming-Seng Kao and Sien Chi, “A cascade add/drop transceiver structure to solve the optical beat interference problem in subcarrier-multiplexed passive optical networks ,” Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, vol. 25, no. 1, pp. 1-4, Apr. 2000. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 0.5)

32.Wen-Piao Lin, “A cost-effective broadband passive optical network by reducing optical beat interference,” Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 255-258, Mar. 1997. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 0.5)

33. Wen-Piao Lin, “Reducing multiple optical carrier interference in broadband passive optical networks,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 9, no. 3, pp. 368-370, March 1997. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 2.1)

34.Wen-Piao Lin, “A broadband passive optical network with low multiple optical carriers interference,” Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 35, no. 11, part 1, pp. 5721-5725, Nov. 1996. (SCI/EI; Regular Paper; Impact Factor: 1.171)

35.Wen-Piao Lin, “A cost-effective passive optical network based on multiple- optical-subcarrier multiplexing,” Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, vol. 12, no. 5, pp. 277-279, Aug. 1996. (SCI/EI; Impact Factor: 0.5)

36.  Wen-Piao Lin and T. C. Chen, “Design for a multi-channel optical fiber transmission system,” Journal of Technology, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 53-62, Mar. 1995.

B. Conference Papers


1. Wen-Piao Lin and Yu-Fang Hsu“New time-frequency code scheme for bidirectional ultra-wideband WDM access networks,” 35th European Conference on Optical Communication, Vienna,Austria, paper 4.5.5, Sep. 2009. (EI, Oral Presentation)

2. Wen-Piao Lin and Yu-Yi Lin, “Multi-carrier ultra-wideband systems using a new pulsed modulation scheme,” 14th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference, Hong Kong, ThLP41, July 2009. (EI; Poster Presentation)

3. Wen-Piao Lin and Yu-Fang Hsu, “Tag identification enhancement by using a distributed antenna structure for radio frequency identification systems,” 13th International Symposium on Consumer Electronics,Kyoto, Japan, pp.418-422, May 2009.

4.Hao-Yu Chan, Heng-Te Li, Chia-Wei Chao, and Wen-Piao Lin, “Bidirectional MB-OFDM ultra-wideband WDM access networks using a time frequency code scheme,” 6th International Conference on Electrical Eng./ Electronic, Computer, Telecommunication and Information Technology,Pattaya, Thailand, vol. 2, pp. 980-982, May 2009.(EI, Oral Presentation)

5. Heng-Te Li, Hao-Yu Chan, Chia-Wei Chao, and Wen-Piao Lin, “Performance study of wireless universal serial bus transmission system,” 11th International Conference on Advanced Communication TechnologyPhoenix Park, Korea, pp.193-195, Feb 2009.(EI, Oral Presentation)

6. Wen-Piao Lin and Hsin Hui Chien, “Optical ultra-wideband pulses for multi-channel radio-over-fiber communication systems,” 10th Interference Conference on Transparent Optical Networks,Athens, Greece, vol. 4, pp. 78-81, June 2008. (EI; Invited Presentation)

7. Wen-Piao Lin and Hsin Hui Chien, “Generation of Ultrawideband Pulses using a Distributed Fiber-Link System,” 9th Interference Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, Rome, Italy, Mo.P.4-12-15, July 2007. (EI; Poster Presentation)

8. Wen-Piao Lin, Yu-Fang Hsu and Chih Ying Chan, “Modeling of a pseudomorphic HEMT for lightwave-microwave mixing process,” 10th International Symposium on Contemporary Photonics Technology, Tokyo, Japan, G-16, Jan. 2007. (EI, Poster Presentation)

9. Wen-Piao Lin and Yuan-Ching Chen, “Biphase impulse generation by a new optical scheme for ultrawide-band radio-over-fiber systems,” 8th Interference Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, Nottingham, United Kingdom, We.D1-4, June 2006. (EI; Invited Presentation)

10.Wen-Piao Lin and Yu-Fang Hsu, “Dynamic wavelength allocation in WDM fiber-radio access network,” 7thInterference Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, Barcelona, Spain, We.C2.4, July 2005. (EI, Oral Presentation)

11. Jun-Yu Chen, Yuan-Ching Chen and Wen-Piao Lin, “Generation of Optical-Based Impulse Radio Signal for Ultra-Wideband Wireless Systems,” Technical Digest of the 10th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference, Seoul, Korea, pp.502-503, July 2005.

12. Wei-Ren Peng, Wen-Piao Lin, Hung-Chang Chien and Sien Chi, “Performance enhancement using the spectra-interleaved scheme for passive optical fast frequency hopped code-division multiple access system,”IEEE Conference on IQEC/CLEO-PR’05, Tokyo, Japan, CThC3-P30, July 2005. (EI, Poster Presentation)

13.Peng-Chun Peng, Wen-Piao Lin, and Sien Chi, “A self-healing architecture for fiber Bragg grating sensor network,” 3rd IEEE International Conference on Sensors, Vienna, Austria, M2L-C, Oct. 2004. (EI, Poster Presentation)

14. Wen-Piao Lin, Wei-Ren Peng and Sien Chi, “A novel bidirectional wavelength           add-drop multiplexer in the WDM radio-over-fiber ring network,” Proceeding of IEEE  Conference on OECC/COIN’04, Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan, pp. 378-379, July 2004. (EI, Poster Presentation)

15. Peng-Chun Peng, Wei-Ren Peng, Wen-Piao Lin, and Sien Chi, “A novel dynamic encoder and decoder using fiber Bragg gratings and optical switches for optical security system,” Proceeding of IEEE Conference onOECC/COIN’04, Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan, pp. 234-235, July 2004. (EI, Poster Presentation)


C. Patents


1. Wen-Piao Lin,Hsien-Chin Chiu and Guang-Wei Lai, 光電晶體光波-微波混波技術, revised to Invention Patent of R.O.C., June 2009. (申請號: 95121809)

2. Wen-Piao Lin and Jun-Yu Chen, Ultra-Wide band wireless system, Invention Patent of U.S.A., July 2009, Patent No. US7558484B2.

3. Wen-Piao Linand Jun-Yu Chen, 超寬頻無線系統, Invention Patent of R.O.C., October,   2008, Patent No: I302063.

4. Sien Chi, Peng-Chun Peng and Wen-Piao Lin, self-healing fiber Bragg grating sensor  system,Invention Patent of U.S.A., May, 2006, Patent No.: US 7043103 B2.

5. Sien Chi, Peng-Chun Peng and Wen-Piao Lin, 具有自我修復能力之光纖布拉格光柵感測系統Invention Patent of R.O.C., July, 2005, Patent No: I235248.


D. Research Projects

1.      2007/08 - 2010/07國科會工程處 “未來光通訊系統所需之新穎光電元件與技術之研究-- 子計畫二:雙向超寬頻無線光纖分波多工擷取網路的研究主持人 (NSC-96-2628-E-182-002-MY3; 計畫經費: 3,816,000)

2.      2007/08 - 2010/07國科會工程處 “未來光通訊系統所需之新穎光電元件與技術之研究-總計畫:未來光通訊系統所需之新穎光電元件與技術之研究” 共同主持人(96-2221-E-009-128-MY3; 計畫經費: 2,013,000)

3.      2006/08 - 2007/07國科會工程處 “新潁光信號處理元件與模組及其在光通信中之應用(子計畫六):光波-微波混合技術之研究於與實現(3/3)” 主持人 (NSC-95-2215-E-182 -041;計畫經費: 1,107,000)

4.      2005/08 - 2006/07國科會工程處 “新潁光信號處理元件與模組及其在光通信中之應用(子計畫六):光波-微波混合技術之研究於與實現(2/3)” 主持人 (NSC-94-2215-E-182 -001;計畫經費: 994,000)

5.      2004/08 - 2005/07國科會工程處 “新潁光信號處理元件與模組及其在光通信中之應用(子計畫六):光波-微波混合技術之研究於與實現(1/3)” 主持人 (NSC-93-2215-E-182 -008;計畫經費: 954,000)

6. 2004/04 - 2008/03 國科會工程處 “大學學術追求卓越發展延續計畫/建構兆位元紀元的光電科技( = 2 \* ROMAN II)-子計畫二:下世代光通訊與儲存技術 協同主持人(NSC 93-2752-E-009-009-PAE)

7.      2004/02 - 2004/11工研院光電所 “Wireless Over Fiber” 主持人 (93S14-W3; 計畫經費: 400,000)

8.      2003/08 - 2004/07國科會工程處 “一個分散雙向式光分碼多工架構應用於寬頻區域擷取網路之研究” 主持人 (NSC-92-2215-E-182 -004; 計畫經費: 768,000)


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