Microprocessor Lab

Lab Introduction : The microprocessor and microprocessor laboratory experiments as a junior in the entire department , Two experimental courses and microprocessor applications and experiments. The laboratory planning principles in groups of two to three people , adequate laboratory equipment , Spacious , well in order to implement the experimental results. Lab Location: Engineering 7F Lab Support staff: Class class class size x number = total number = 50x4 = 200  The main equipment ︰ FPGA IAR ARM 7/9 I / O modules internship detailed specification A / DD / A high-speed signal acquisition card A / DD / A CARD 8-bit PICMA 16F87X, 16-bit Motor RUN Digital Storage Oscilloscope ( including transport and storage interface TDS2MEM): TEKTRONIX TDS1002 Digital Storage Oscilloscope FPGA IAR ARM 7/9 I / O modules internship PC PC / AT INTEL PENTIUM17 "VGA P4-1.6GHz experimental PC A / D D / A servo control card MRC-6810 SOC NI-PCI-1141 image acquisition card CPLD / FPGA versatile experimental device Circuit simulation software ISSPICE ICP / 4 ( Education Edition ) CPLD / FPGA versatile experimental device FPGA / CPLD ALTERA EPXA1 Development Board Motor class teaching practice test suite TIMS communications equipment Support programs : 1 microprocessor and Experiment 2 . Microprocessor applications and experiments