Optoelectronics teaching laboratory

Optoelectronics teaching laboratory Lab Introduction: The photoelectric teaching laboratories in addition to providing top universities roots execute infrastructure projects and programs related to heavy photoelectric Department Point in the field of research, also supports Optical Engineering Studies and experiments, biomedical optical technology, optical fiber communication, optical Child learning courses. The laboratory planning principle in groups of two, laboratory equipment sufficiently spacious, in order to effect a good experiment Fruit. Lab Location: Engineering 6F. Lab Support staff: Class class class size x number = total number = 50x4 = 200. The main equipment ︰   1 output instrumentation and data acquisition systems. 2 visible light spectrum analyzer. 3 measurements of solar modules. 4 modulated optical communications experiment module. 5 Laser Diode measurement modules. 6 optical characteristics measurement modules. 7. Instrument control computer. 8 near-infrared sensing module. 9. Cabinets. 10 optical flat. Support programs: 1 Introduction to Electro-Optical Engineering and experiments. 2 biophotonics technology. 3 fiber-optic communications. 4 optoelectronics.