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長庚大學 電機工程學系
兼任教師_王寶江 老師


王寶江/ Pao-chiang Wang

教授/Adjunct Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering 

Chang Gung University, Taiwan 






Pao-chiang Wang is a independent director of the NISOKU TECHNOLOGY INC. Pao-chiang Wang also is a senior partner t. He has been engaged in the senior level of management for over 30 years. His specialties include business management, legal management, competitive analysis and sales management for turnaround projects. With expertise in operation assessment, business plan development, legal analysis. He has successfully established two new foreign life insurance companies in Taiwan and Mainland China.

   He earned a PhD in Economic law from China University of Political Science and Law, China. He was a graduate of Chung-Hsing University, majoring in Law. In 1986, he received his Master Degree in Law at Tulane Law School. He served as member of the United States-China Business Council.

   His disciplinary background is in the fields of Economic Law. He currently teaches Civil Law, Commercial Law, Financial Law, Intellectual Property Law and Leadership .


Publication List
A. Journal papers 
  1. Paochiang Wang, Chief Finance Officer and Finance Information Failure, Chihlee Law Review,2007/10
  2. Paochiang Wang, , Chihlee Law Review, Legal Opinion of Business Lawyer and Lawyer’ Responsibility- Focus the U.S.A and Chinese Legal Opinion of Securities and Securitization Lawyers,2008/10

 B. Conference Papers

       Paochiang Wang , Predatory Loan and respond, Investment and Risk Management of Subprime, 2007 Fall TMAT Advanced Education Workshop,2007/12/8


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